Worktop Gadgets For Kitchen Heaven!

Now that you’ve got a few ideas about planning the perfect kitchen layout, you can let your mind wander on to what you want to put in it. This needs to happen well in advance of the time you order your kitchen and think about installation dates. First and foremost have a look in your existing kitchen, and make a list of all the things like gadgets, appliances, jugs, jars and anything else that sits out in the open for all to see. It might be that you’re opting to conceal some of these things, perhaps with a build in fridge freezer, or more cupboard space for those utensils that are currently in the big jug next to the hob.

You need to think beyond the white goods (even though most aren’t white these days), as if you’re spending thousands of pounds on a new kitchen, you’re probably going to spend at least a few hundred pounds on some new creature comforts. Perhaps you’ve opened a magazine or visited a website with the latest hot drinks maker to get recommended by the pro baristas, or fancy one of those healthy fryers that are popular at the moment.

It doesn’t need to be something pricey or extravagant though to be on the list – you want to include everything from the toaster and kettle to space for a vase if you like to have flowers on display regularly. The point is that you need a place for everything, and everything in its place (as my parents used to tell me far too regularly).

All of this needs to be slotted into the diagram you created when designing your kitchen in our previous update. Make sure you think about size too, a microwave seems small in your mind’s eye, but in reality it may take up more space in your new kitchen that you think. A great tip is to go online and have a look on a website like Amazon, as many of their products will provide the dimensions as part of the description.

The name of the game is to finish with a kitchen design that not only maps out what will be fitting by your chosen installer, but also shows where permanent items will site on your worktops, helping you to be sure that you will have enough space left to be a comfortable area to cook in!